Does the Long Tail exist?

It’s tempting to think it does. I can share anecdotes that suggest it might. I’m struggling to know deep down that it does.

After reading some of the research on the Long Tail, I wonder if the Long Tail exists or if we just really want (and need) it to exist. And in an extremely competitive environment such as the web, having a sneaky and artful game plane such as “The Long Tail” is pure shamanism isn’t it?

And of course we all want the “Fat Long Tail”… not that scrawny “Thin Long Tail” where all is completely random (and normally slightly worrying), otherwise we won’t be tapping into our Global microniche will we?

The only way of “knowing” is to find and work with your own Long Tails… but then each of them is almost by definition, not replicable. A Long Tail, discovered like a far flung island is unique… the ways to get there are unique… the only problem is knowing if it’s worth the journey before you arrive because you have absolutely nothing to compare it with?

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