My life without Google and SEO in reverse

James Thomas documents how he is trying to live without Google in My life without Google. It’s not as easy as just not using their search engine you know, but a little geekery may actually speed up web browsing for you. I’d have liked a little more technical detail so others could maybe have a bash.
If you’ve ever worried that Google are keeping tabs on what you search for, then Google – Web History will put your mind at rest… they are…. relax!
James found that Yahoo search was the best alternative and I quite like Yahoo too… that was until they forced me to change my Flickr account… (as did Google with my Blogger account)… I really dislike that, having notional identities forced to merge, like being told your favourite shoes are now your pajamas.

With Microsoft potentially getting ready to buy Yahoo, jumping ship from Google because of the evil factor and ending up in bed with Microsoft would just be too ironic.

On another note, my reverse search engine optimisation seems to be working a treat. If you search Google for Tom Smith you’ll find me on the very last page, with ONLY one person lower! It’s a sci-fi book review.

YD-038 (yes, that’s his name and serial number: he pronounces it Whitey O’Thraight)finds himself the sole noncom on an interstellar expedition launched by his rigidly millitaristic society.

Whitey O’Thraight?! I like that humanisation of a serial number… I wonder what sneaky trickery (apart from just being very bad) they have done to beat me to the number -1 spot?

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  1. You show up last for me, congrats!

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