UPDATE: Radiohead prices for innovation consultancy

A while ago I mentioned that I was starting with a  Radiohead prices for innovation consultancy and though you’d like to know how it’s going.

Well, is the answer.

Well is the answer as in very well! And well is also the answer in a thoughtful… well?

So far I am being paid (sometimes more) than I think I’m worth and sometimes slightly less. The clients that overpay buy my soul though. I tend to think of them in soft focus and end up checking things I normally wouldn’t, doing research I might not have  and generally working harder.

The only problem with Radiohead pricing as I see it is my nerve and the vacuum of suggestion. At times  I poo my pants, not knowing if I should just make it easy for the client and tell them what my rates are…. BUT another approach that is working better is for me to articulate what value I can add to the company, such as how much 10 strong customers enquiries would be and then work backwards from there. It seems to make much more sense to them and me.

On the subject of Radiohead’s new album, like a dope I didn’t realise they were not allowing choose-your-price downloads forever and so I went to the IN RAINBOWS site and found I’d missed the boat. So, after a quick LimeWire I wondered… it may be big news but Radiohead’s attempts still don’t address the fundamental issues of piracy (or more importantly micro-payments and HOW you pay for something in general… Why not pay more if it make you laugh/cry etc?)
I also found that if I had have paid 50p for their album I’d feel a bit short-changed… I’ll give it time but at the moment I think it’s a bit weak.

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4 Responses to UPDATE: Radiohead prices for innovation consultancy

  1. I’m very intrigued by your Radiohead pricing policy – I’d love to hear more about the rate ranges from clients and do different types of clients pay more or less.

    Have you read Freakanomics? The author tells a story about the honesty box policy – it’s very interesting.

    Keep on with ‘In Rainbows’ it is a grower. AT first I didn’t think much of it but it really is good.

  2. ActualAl says:

    Interesting to read about someone brave enough/ mad enough to use Radiohead pricing. Have to disagree with you about In Rainbows – IT’S A BELTER!!!

  3. tom says:

    Phil, I read recently that someone did an experiment where the picture directly over an honesty box was varied, sometimes it was flower, sometimes it was eyes (looking at you). Every time the picture was eyes, the amount donated went up. The difficulty with honesty boxes is not the box, or the honesty… it’s the feeling that you are being watched. Maybe blogging about my clients and my Radiohead pricing model will pay off one day.

    Of course I’m not going to OUT any of my clients for measly payments because there is some small print that says, “and if you make a million and feel it was part of working with me, stump up something commensurate you tight wad”.

    Most grown up consultancies don’t have one of those clauses that, and you’ve maybe been there yourself, where something has been unpredictably successful and you hadn’t even written in a conscience clause. Sigh!

    I’ll give In Rainbows another listen. Up until now I honestly believed Radiohead could do no wrong, then with the release of Thom Yorke’s album I sniffed a pattern of old rope…. Old rope which goes… sing dis-jointed-ly, vague-ly high pitched, jer-ky phrase-iology and slap a few unusual beats underneath and play a riff in 7/4 time.

    I will listen again (and again probably) but on first hearing I kept thinking “any fool can do that”… just like any fool can start operating under a Radiohead pricing model. Both may grow on you.

  4. Paul Stanton says:

    Very interesting experiment, and i love the “radiohead pricing” term! i’m going to have to dig out my copy of Freakonomics now to re-read the honesty box bit, lol.

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