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Last night I played 5-a-side football for the first time in 3 years. I love 5-a-side it has all the poetic beauty or a “real” game without the sliding tackles, 100 yard dashes, injuries, rain and mud.

I have, more than once, been compared to Eric Cantona, mainly for being fat with a big nose and garlic breath, but I like to take the comparison onto the pitch itself, where, on a good day I could lumber deceptively around the pitch and very occasionally pull something unbelievable out of the bag. Like a mentally ill magician.

So today I’ve been dancing around London jumping in and out of meetings like Ginola through Bolton. I’ve met my venture capital friends over a lunch in which the steak pies were free range. I love the idea of pies scampering in the wilderness as they should be. I plumped for a Caesar salad and waitess said, “With chicken?”. Reality is stranger than reality at times.

I then dribbled south of the Thames to the OTHER media for a meeting about re-structuring a hugely complex web site. Since I left them, the OTHER media have, like Gazza did, ballooned in size. It is always good popping into the OTHER media, if only for the champagne fridge. Note to self: Check Facebook and coincide next visit to the OTHER media with someone’s birthday.

A quick shimmy sent me up to Hoxton Park and connecting with an old mate about a possible project to create a wonderfully swish online authoring environment. This is one of those “given a backwind and a touch of luck” projects that I really hope could BE something. I love tools… hell, at times I am one, but I’m hoping that thing is a project where we re-define something big. You know what I mean. I’ll keep you posted.

I finished off with a one-on-one with an old team mate who is thinking about leaving top-flight competition in order to express himself in the lower leagues. It’s a brave plan. I don’t care who he plays for, I want to be there to cheer him on and see him play and turn crap into magic. One day I want to be on his team again.

So, what a great day… at the end of which one thing matters above all others… the score. In my first game for over 3 years (or more) I scored the winning goal!

Yes it was a fluke, and yes I missed ten sitters, and yes I’m a sad old unfit git but to slam the ball in the bottom right has made all todays aches and pains as I struggle to even walk about such a busy city such a total and utter joy.

I’m hoping some of these projects hit the back of the net too.

p.s Free wifi on the train to London may mean I do a few more of these posts. I apologise now, whilst I’m drunk.

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