Lost in Google Translation

Why does Google Translate ask you what language you’d like to translate a web page from? I haven’t a clue what language a foreign page is… which is kind of the point… but the page itself will be in a language, won’t it?

All Google should want to know is what language I want something to be translated to (say, the language I do most of my search queries in would be a good starting point).

Anyone know what language this page is?

Translated version of http://www.halacsy.com/blog/

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2 Responses to Lost in Google Translation

  1. doug says:

    It’s very hard to work out what language something is in, with a machine, since so many languages are so similar.

    Oh, and the blog is in Hungarian ;)


  2. tom says:

    Google doesn’t do Hungarian….

    And this is the Hungarian Norman Collier filter…


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