Years ago I blogged about how Google Spreadsheets needed to move their cells online. Well they’ve only gone and done it. Only better… much better.

Google Spreadsheets

Maybe I should spend a little more time working out how to explain my ideas properly, try to sound like less of a whiner pointing out where Google/Apple/etc “have got it wrong” and spend much less time working on my “I told you so” routines….

You can get a better idea of what you can do with this from Ouseful… where Google Spreadsheets gets mashed with Wikipedia and Yahoo Pipes and Google maps with an ease that quite frankly could change everything. I mean, imagine being able to manipulate, visualise and present data (in real time)… easily…that kind of power used to be only in the hands of corporates and governments and other evil overlords. And they used to keep that stuff to themselves.

One day, maybe we’ll find out stuff like what a billion really is and which MPs spent most of it on re-furbishing their london flat and where all the missing laptops end up. Radical stuff!

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