What’s The Word for Four-Yearly?

I received my 4-yearly email from Andrzej today, and very interesting is was too. His emails are always worth the wait. This one, is about databases and how we are living with the hangover of decisions made 20 years ago that were decisions made when we didn’t have a gazillion gigabytes of memory.

The Scobleizer video (below) has an interview that has all the promise and yumminess of the funky data model„¢… a little like that tech company that Gaping Void was plugging, you know, where every thing is a just a thing. It always tends to be about triples, doesn’t it?

I don’t know if you remember me, I am following your blog and writing to you once every 4 years or so. Regarding databases for people I think that you really should check the work of Terry Jones.

As someone said last week, “It seems fashionable to say €œI know Terry Jones€ these days”.

Check it out:

In the second video he demos searching for “the items that are on Reddit that are not on Digg”… something that you just can’t do with Google at the minute….

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