Doodle Manifesto

On Tuesday I went to Doodle Manifesto and had a really wonderful time (at the Mucky Duck in York). What Doodle Manifesto is is a group of people getting together with armfuls of pens and nice paper and a few hundredweight of MDF drawingboards Stephen brought along… he must have a good chiropractor or a fork lift at home.

After a certian period of time, the length of which I have no idea of because like a cheese-loving kid in a cheese shop… I sort of drifted off… into a terrible metaphor…

I found the process really challenging and exciting. I’m both a huge believer in the power of collaboration and a mildly creative egomaniac and both sides of me were, er, tickled.

I strangely found that I felt a certain ownership of the doodle I myself had started (above) even though I probably put more time and effort into other doodles. Odd. The other doodles the group created are here ( photographed after a few pints ). And if I do say myself… they are bloody good… or did you just have to be there?

I hope to make the next one.. every Tuesday… in the White Swan, York.

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2 Responses to Doodle Manifesto

  1. Ross Brown says:

    That looks like terrific fun…

    Wish I could doodle.
    And lived in York!


  2. tom says:

    ANYONE can doodle… or catch a train

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