Tools, Toys and Training


As I was just saying to Richard Millwood, during trialling software with different teams we found that the way the permissions model is communicated (or who can see what) makes a huge difference to the feel of the community. Quite early on in the project I knew that as well as needing the things that people explicitly asked for that tended to “shut people up in corners” we needed spaces and places that pull people together, like public promenades.

And additionally, we needed public-ish places where people can share what they’ve used, what worked and what didn’t… sort of peer to peer training (or a pattern language even). By public here, I don’t mean totally public, I mean public to all the members of the community. More public spaces are sites like LinkedIn, Twitter etc…

This all breaks down, in my head at least as Tools, Toys and Training…

Later I’ll explain what’s in the Toy box… apart from things like the PPPeople browser and ┬áheaps of fun.

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